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Eco Log launches its own series of harvester heads

Eco Log is now expanding its product range by adding its own harvester head series of four models to the existing lineup. This makes Eco Log a complete forest machine manufacturer, offering machines and solutions for profitable and high-performance forestry worldwide.

The new Eco Log range of harvester heads is based on the reliable and well-proven SP Maskiner method, which has now been adjusted and optimized to fit Eco Log harvesters perfectly. All models are designed according to the low-friction concept, in which a combination of five different innovations results in harvester heads of impressive performance, durability, minimum maintenance and fuel consumption. In addition, the Eco Log harvester heads have been equipped with the patented Eco Log Saw Control, which optimizes every crosscut regardless of conditions such as tree species and felling type. With the new harvester heads along with Eco Log Saw Control already up and running, Anders Gustafson, CEO of Eco Log, says the results exceed expectations.

“Our new harvester heads work great, and feedback from customers who have tried them tells us they are incredibly fast and have a very reliable length measurement. The basis of the design is the result of 40 years of development, quality and knowledge, which have now been adapted and improved for maximum efficiency when combined with Eco Log harvesters. We already know that our harvesters are highly productive. With our new harvester head series, we’re taking productivity to the next level,” says Gustafson.

Over the last two years, Eco Log has grown steadily and consistently increased its harvester and forwarder lineup, which has resulted in one of the most complete harvester product lines on the market. Now the new harvester head range is the next stage of a long-term development and growth strategy.

“We really believe in our new harvester heads, and we are very pleased to introduce them together with Eco Log Saw Control to the market, further expanding our range. Naturally, we will continue to offer Log Max harvester heads as before. This gives customers who choose Eco Log access to a very wide range with a wide variety of options – just the way they need to be,”

says Gustafson.

Facts about Eco Log harvester heads

  • The Eco Log range of harvester heads consists of four models:
    • Eco Log 461 LF is a versatile and fast lightweight harvester head that can easily thin even the most difficult-to-reach places.
    • Eco Log 561 LF is a high-performance, versatile harvester head that can handle everything from thinning low-grade timber to general purpose thinning.
    • Eco Log 661 LF is a tough and versatile high-performance harvester head for all thinning applications.
    • Eco Log 761 LF is a powerful and reliable harvester head that handles even the most demanding clear-cut harvesting operations with high productivity and maximum output.
  • All models are designed according to the Low Friction (LF) concept, consisting of five different solutions designed to achieve maximum productivity, optimal fuel and energy consumption, and minimum maintenance costs. The harvester head always delivers optimum pressure and load capacity in relation to the rod, resulting in high speed and minimum friction.
  • Eco Log Saw Control is a patented system that ensures each cut is optimized regardless of external conditions. Feedback between the base machine and the harvester head makes every cut as efficient as possible without having to manually adjust settings for different tree species made by the operator. In mixed forests or complex clearcuts, Eco Log Saw Control optimizes every cut for economical and productive forest management.