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Growers make affordable Christmas trees possible

There are enough Christmas trees available to consumers again this year. This has to do with the good weather conditions so far, because there were hardly any dangerous late frosts in spring.

However, the rising costs for production, wages and logistics do not make it easy for the approximately 2,000 family businesses in Germany to make Christmas tree cultivation profitable. Nevertheless, according to estimates by the Federal Association of Christmas Tree and Greenery Producers in Germany and the Association of Natural Christmas Trees, consumers should only face moderate price adjustments.

Associations announce prices for the 2022 season

The two largest associations name a running meter price for Nordmann fir of 21 to 27 euros, for blue fir from 12 to 16 euros and for spruce from 9 to 12 euros. “Despite all the worries about the future and the crises, we don’t want anyone to have to go without a tree this year. That’s why we’re working hard to guarantee affordable trees,” says Benedikt Schneebecke, Chairman of the Association of Natural Christmas Trees.