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Tigercat expands forestry lineup with back-to-back equipment releases

Less than a month after the release of its LSX870D, Tigercat adds the 880E logger to its lineup

With headquarters in Brantford, Ontario, and operating out of eleven southern Ontario locations, Tigercat has well established itself as a leader in Canada’s forestry equipment sector.

Outside of Canada, it has facilities for design, production, steel fabrication, administration, customer service and parts distribution in the US.

Also, Hede, Sweden is home to one of Tigercat’s sales, service and parts distribution facilities.

Lately, Tigercat has been busy adding to its wide range of forestry equipment. On July 28th, it announced the release of the LSX870D shovel logger. Subsequently, less than a month later, on August 26th, it announced the release of the 880E logger.

The LSX870D: power, speed and stability

Based on the popular LX870D series track carrier platform, this machine is designed for extreme duty, steep slope logging.

With the choice of attachments, including the new Tigercat BG13 grapple with a live heel boom or the SC08 shovel clam grapple, the LSX870D is suited to pre-bunching and shovel logging in challenging terrain.

The addition of the LSX870D aims to provide a higher power, closed loop drive alternative to the LS855E. The LS855E provides higher swing speed and lower ground pressure. However, the LSX870D allows for improved multifunctioning ability and quicker, more responsive travel speed.

The Tigercat FPT C87 engine supplies 245 kW (330 hp), providing plenty of multi-functioning power. Lift and reach capabilities for the LS855E and the LSX870D are identical.