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Tigercat releases harvester heads for wheel harvesters

The 534 is a durable high-performance harvester head well adapted to the Tigercat 1165

As part of Tigercat’s overall strategy to provide complete logging systems for short timber, the company has released the new harvester head 534. With a base weight of 1,380 kg, the 534 is matched with Tigercat’s harvester 1165 and sized for optimal productivity at a trunk diameter of 150-500 mm.

The 534 is a three-wheel drive unit with a triangular wheel arm. Four knife arms made of cast iron together with a fixed front and rear knife provide excellent pruning ability.

The measuring wheel is set in motion hydraulically for positive contact and reduced component wear. Diameter measurement is standard on the wheel arms and front knife arms to provide superior accuracy.

The efficient hydraulic system is set for optimal performance with the harvester 1165.

The 534 is Tigercat’s first harvester head to use the new Tigercat D7 control system. The user interface is simple and intuitive and is controlled from a large 305 mm touch screen. Several system options make production reporting at several levels possible.