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Tigercat Unveils Innovative Specialized Skidder

Presenting the 612 dual winch skidder, a specialized machine crafted for targeted harvesting tasks. This skidder is meticulously engineered to excel in selective logging scenarios, efficiently extracting valuable timber from challenging and delicate terrains, particularly steep areas.

Crafted with precision, the Tigercat 612 series skidder platform is tailored to excel in extracting operations within demanding terrains during selective logging tasks. This machine is engineered to uphold the integrity and worth of the remaining stand while efficiently managing extraction. It offers the option of a dual winch, movable back shield and fairlead system, crane capabilities, and front blade tongs for enhanced versatility.

Powered by the Tigercat FPT N67 Stage V engine, the 612 boasts a robust output of 155 kW (208 hp). Paired with Tigercat’s advanced drive system, this skidder adeptly maneuvers challenging landscapes, effectively mitigating wheel spin for optimal performance.

The skidder’s slim profile facilitates smooth passage along narrow trails and rugged terrains. The adaptable shield serves as an anchoring point during winching operations. The combination of the dual winch and adjustable fairlead system grants operators autonomous management of two distinct cables, ideal for navigating confined stand conditions. For additional flexibility in log extraction, manipulation, and sorting, the skidder can be equipped with a robust crane and sturdy blade tongs as optional features.

The operator’s cabin offers ample space, featuring large windows that ensure unobstructed views. Creature comforts such as a climate-controlled cup holder and dedicated storage enhance the operator’s experience. A pivotal aspect of ergonomic design and efficient machine operation is the Turnaround seat, which delivers heightened comfort, excellent sightlines, and effortless entry and exit from either side of the machine. Operators can seamlessly manage all machine functions within the 220° range, ensuring full control regardless of their position.