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Eco Log develops its own line of harvester heads

Eco Log is now a complete forestry machine manufacturer, following the introduction of its own line of harvester heads.

The four-model lineup is based on SP Maskiner, a technique that has now been adjusted and optimized to make a perfect match for Eco Log harvesters.

All models are designed according to the low-friction concept, where the combination of five different innovations result in harvester heads with impressive productivity, high durability, minimal maintenance and fuel consumption. As well, the harvester heads are equipped with Eco Log Saw Control, a patented system optimizing cross-cuts regardless of conditions such as tree species and type of felling.

“Our new harvester heads are working great and the reactions from customers who have tried them tells us that they are incredibly fast and have highly-dependable length measuring,” said Eco Log CEO Anders Gustafson. “The foundation of the design is the result of 40 years of development, quality and knowledge that have now been customized and further developed to achieve highest efficiency in combination with Eco Log harvesters. We know from before that our harvesters are characterized by their high productivity. With our new series of harvester heads, we are now taking productivity to yet another level.”

Throughout the last two years, Eco Log has been growing steadily, and has increased the range of harvesters as well as forwarders. Now, the new series of harvester heads is the next step of a long-term development and growth-strategy.

We believe a lot in our new harvester heads and it feels really great to present them along with Eco Log Saw Control to the market, widening our range even more,” Gustafson said. “Naturally, we will also continue to offer Log Max harvester heads like before. This gives customers who choose Eco Log access to a very wide range with a great variety of options, exactly as it should be.”

Eco Log harvester heads

  • 461 LF – a versatile and rapid low-weight harvester head that easily handles thinning even in the most hard-to-reach areas.
  • 561 LF – a highly-productive all-round harvester head that handles everything from thinning low-grade timber to basic final felling.
  • 661 LF – a strong and versatile high-performance harvester head for any kind of final felling.
  • 761 LF – a powerful and reliable harvester head that handles even the toughest final felling operations with high capacity and maximum performance.

All models are designed according to the Low Friction concept (LF) consisting of five different solutions developed to achieve maximum production, optimum fuel and energy consumption and minimal maintenance costs. The harvester head always delivers optimum pressure and carrying capacity in relation to the stem, resulting in high speed and minimal friction.