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Forst BW demonstrates large machines in the Schussental

From Tuesday, Forst BW is organizing a theme week under the motto “careful forest management”. The use of heavy machinery will be demonstrated in the Schussental, among other places.

At the beginning of the timber harvest, Forst BW, the state’s forestry company, organizes a theme week. There are various dates in Baden-Württemberg under the motto “careful forest management”. In the Schussental, for example, the use of heavy machinery will be demonstrated, according to Forst BW. Again and again there is criticism that the large wood harvesting machines, so-called harvesters, are used in the forest. According to Forst BW, a theme week is also important to explain how to work with these machines.

Criticism of large machines in the forest

The use of large machines to fell and transport trees irritates some forest visitors, according to Forst BW. It is not uncommon for forest owners or Forst BW themselves to be criticized for this. But according to Jürgen Holzwarth from the Altdorfer Wald forest district, the use of the machines is necessary for efficient timber harvesting due to the lack of skilled workers and for safety reasons. It makes sense to combine large timber harvesting machines with small caterpillar vehicles or with cart horses, says Holzwarth. Without mechanization, however, the timber harvest is very dangerous.

Theme week takes place across the country

In addition to the large machines in the Schussental, the use of cable cranes on steep slopes in the Black Forest will be shown. Forst BW is responsible for the management of the state forest, which covers around a quarter of the entire forest in Baden-Württemberg.