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Lego Technic John Deere 948l-Ii Skidder: A Fantastic Model Kit Featuring Pneumatic Elements

If you recently invested $700 in LEGO’s Technic Liebherr Crawler Crane LR 13000, you might want to hold off on this one for the time being. However, if you’re ready for another exciting endeavor, this 1,492-piece kit offers an excellent recreational project to keep you engaged until the next fantastic set arrives.

Moreover, it comes with a somewhat wallet-friendly price tag of $199.99. The John Deere 948L-II Skidder offers a challenging build for beginners, but those experienced with LEGO’s Technic sets know precisely what they can expect.

The 948L-II represents John Deere’s largest and most powerful skidder to date. Now, loggers, Deere enthusiasts, and LEGO fans alike can construct and delve into a scaled-down rendition of this formidable machine using the LEGO Technic John Deere 948L-II Skidder model toy set. This kit faithfully replicates the skidder, incorporating intricate, functional components for an authentic experience.

Unlike the large motorized model mentioned earlier, this one relies on a pneumatic system to simulate the hydraulic movements of the actual skidder. The plastic brick model accurately emulates the machinery and operations in an easily comprehensible manner. In essence, the Technic series offers an excellent opportunity for inquisitive individuals to gain insights into the inner workings of machines like the John Deere 948L-II Skidder.

Lego Technic John Deere 948l-Ii Skidder

After assembly, the model presents a four-wheel-drive configuration connected to a functional engine. It incorporates interactive components such as

  • a steering mechanism,
  • a swiveling seat,
  • an articulated claw,
  • and additional features.

LEGO specifies the dimensions as 8 inches in height, 21 inches in length, and 7.5 inches in width (H x L x W). The product description states:

“Children aged 11 and older, who have an interest in engineering and agriculture, will thoroughly enjoy exploring the multitude of features packed into this LEGO® Technic™ John Deere 948L-II Skidder building kit.”

The LEGO Technic John Deere 948L-II Skidder model replicates mechanical operations found in the actual skidder, including functional steering, four-wheel drive, and a realistic working engine. Additionally, just like the real machine, it features a variety of pneumatic functions that control the grapple, blade, and rotating seat. Builders have the option to utilize the LEGO Builder app, which enables them to zoom in on models, rotate them in 3D, monitor their progress, and save their sets.

John Deere Forestry collaborated on the design and creation of the skidder model with their marketing team over several months. Matthew Flood, Product Marketing Manager for Precision Forestry & Skidders at John Deere Construction & Forestry Division, emphasizes that the LEGO Technic 948L-II Skidder model set serves as an effective means to raise awareness about the forestry industry. He also sees it as a fantastic introduction to engineering for children, featuring lifelike movements and mechanisms that provide a practical and accessible way for them to learn about the subject.

Lego Technic John Deere 948l-Ii Skidder